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Arina Energy is a Lebanese joint stock company established in 2015 with a mission to promote solar and other sustainable energies in its home country and the MENA region. The company is the result of a long experience in the energy sector dating back to 1924 with a local power distribution company, The Electrical Utility of Aley SAL and Hawa Akkar SAL, a leader in the promotion of wind energy projects in the region.

Arina develops utility scale and commercial solar Photovoltaic projects, with an EPC department focused on providing its clients with internationally compliant design standards, access to the World’s most reputed suppliers and a local knowhow to execute quality projects in time, projects are being built to last decades. For the purpose, Arina has teamed up with great companies such as Jinko Solar, SMA, Siemens, Nexans, ABB, DEIF, Iskra Emeco to name a few.

Although Arina is a young company, It has built a substantial portfolio of projets for cusomers like Liban Cables (a Nexans company), Butec Group, Reva Mattresses, Chateau kefraya, Saab Estates, Istatiyeh Farms…

Arina is looking for a bright future in the solar business, and is currently promoting projects with over 33 MW in capacity.


Welcome to Arina Energy, and thank you for visiting our site.

We at Arina Energy are proud to be part of an industry that has changed the way we care about our planet, and has the promise to bring to an end one of the most nafarious downsides brought about by the indutrial revolution, Polution. Speeding the process of that change is what motivates us day in day out, and was the intial catalyst that pushed us to invest in the field of Solar PV Energy. Fortunately enough, this change become more pertinent and real when the environmental benefits of the systems we’re prmoting was matched by a reduction in the costs of the components, making Solar PV systems competitive with conventially produced energy. For this revolution to take shape, there is an urgent need to provide the stakeholders with quality systems that will survive for decades with little or no maintenance. Our decision to promote and build such systems was the founding pillar for Arina Energy. Today, our team provides complete support for the Solar industry, from the promotion of utility scale projects, to EPC work on industrial and residential projects. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians are ready to support you in all your energy needs today. We’re waiting for your call.

Albert Khoury



Eng. Imad Abdessater

Senior Energy Engineer

Eng. Imad is a Lebanese Energy engineer working in the Lebanese renewable energy and energy efficiency sector since 2012. Holding a BE in Electrical Engineering from Notre Dame University – Lebanon.

Dr. Wissam Nehme

Research Engineer

Dr. Wassim NEHME brings 10 years of expertize in energy/renewable energy/energy efficiency fields. He studied thermal and Energy Engineering at ENSEM France and later Completed and Phd in Energy field.



With long experience as General Manager at one of Lebanon’s private distribution utilities, Albert Khoury is now at the forefront of the renewable energy business, promoting projects of close to 93 MW in wind and in solar.

Engr. Carl Arab

Energy Engineer

Experienced Energy Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Skilled in Energy Modeling and Optimization, Communication, Management, Teamwork and Public Presentations . Strong engineering professional graduated from Lebanese American University.